Natural rainbows need the sun to come out while its still raining.
Your rainbows only need a sunny day!
In fact, just one beam of sun coming through a crack in the blinds
is enough to produce your own spectral show!

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The CLASSIC Crystal Prism Gallery

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The NEWEST Prism Cuts!
Modern ABSTRACT crystals!

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Travel to the Austrian Alps

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Learn To Care for your Crystal Prisms

Each STRASSSwarovski Crystal prism comes with nylon line for hanging in your window.

STRASSSwarovski Crystal is the official brand name for the 8000 prism series made by Swarovski in Austria.

Prism and Spectrum

  • Every facet makes a rainbow!
  • The rainbows show up even on a black surface!
  • The bigger your room, the bigger your rainbows!
  • The bigger your facets, the bigger your rainbows!
  • The more number of facets... the smaller your facets and the higher number of smaller rainbows!

Make sure to visit BOTH CLASSIC Crystal Designs and the NEWEST Prism Designs!

Please do not be confused by some on-line offers of 'wholesale' crystals which may 'appear' on your monitor to be the quality of Swarovski - either in design, price, or description. Even crystals advertised only as 'Austrian' are probably NOT
crystals made by Swarovski.
If the crystals are not made by Swarovski, you will be disappointed when viewing them side-by-side with the true STRASS®Swarovski® Crystal prisms!
And some 'wholesale' prices may be higher than Crystal Cove's everyday price!


Free smaller prism (my choice) with your order, if you can relate your path to finding me!
Click on 'Order Info' for details!

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What is that small 'hazy' patch I see near the drilled hole in the prisms?

distinguishing mark for crystals made by SWAROVSKI in Austria

In this unique photograph,
the 'hazy patch' is projected by high intensity light!

This permanently laser-etched
STRASS® Signature
is your assurance of the
original quality
STRASSSwarovski  Crystal!

Accept nothing less!

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