What could be more enchanting than the magical perfect shapes of pyramids and spheres made from the earth's most mysterious "living" rocks??


~ OBSIDIAN spheres are here!
~ NEW Teal/Jet Pyramids!~
~ High Grade Amethyst Here!
~ New Big Size - White Quartz Spheres! ~
~ Sterling/Crystal Pendulums! ~
~ NEW Madagascar Mineral Found! ~

quartz cluster

Most of the pyramids and balls below originate from Brazil or Mexico, the world's most prolific sources of natural earth crystals and gemstones!

Each piece is unique - it is the very nature of earthstones. While the shapes are cut and polished to near perfection, the actual beauty of these earthstones lies in the irregularities within the crystalline structure.

Phantoms, veils, cracks and crackles all refract and reflect light upon viewing from different angles. Many interior surfaces actually refract light into the visible spectrum!

You can spend hours gazing into these crystals, always finding new crevices and fractures to enchant your imagination!



Quartz crystal pyramids and spheres


These crystal pyramids and balls can be used for meditation,
healing, or truly elegant
adornment of your shelves or tabletops.

Whatever your reason is for loving earthstones,
consider bringing into your life one
(or all!) of the items below.


Please note.... as you visit Crystal Cove's Earthstones page, from time to time you will notice different sizes and different shipments come in, the availability of certain sizes changes! What does NOT change is the quality.. you can count on that.
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Quartz Crystal and Sterling Silver Pendulum

A sterling silver 6" chain holds a beautiful and unique, gently faceted rose or amethyst quartz crystal!
Crystals range from a little over an inch to and inch and 1/4.
A small rose quartzbead serves as a comfortable finger holder to allow your pendulum to hang freely.
Can be used for 'dowsing', Ouija, divination, or meditation.

A lovely velvet presentation pouch is included!

$20. on sale $16. !!



MADAGASCAR - the site of a beautiful composite mineral recently found!

Colorful orbs of turquoise and black jasper set in crystalline matrix
You'll cry crocodile tears if you miss this new offering at Crystal Cove!

Orbs of jet and light turquoise in a crystalline matrix
make each of these highly polished spheres
colorful, exciting, and unique.

Colorful orbs of turquoise and black jasper set in crystalline matrix

Looks like dozens of miniature geodes jostling to be the most beautiful!
Called CROCODILE Spheres, these breathtaking spheres just boil with turquoise and cyan
swirling in between islands of miniature crystal and jet geodes.

60mm (almost 2 and one half inches across),
these unusual additions to your mineral collection
can be yours for the introductory sale of

$ 45.

Just arrived!


All earthstone balls above and below come with a free acrylic ring base!

Clear Brazilian Quartz Crystal Ball

Clear Brazilian Quartz Ball

Quartz is a mineral miracle of nature! Formed within the earth, it manifests its crystalline structure into a six-sided, pointed crystal. The crystals can range from miniscule, to a rare meter across! They usually form in clusters ranging from three or four connected individual 'points' to hundreds!

quartz cluster

Each quartz ball is truly unique, being cut and polished out of a single quartz "point" crystal. These are not like the clear, gazing type of lead crystal ball. The beauty here lies in its interior universe of clouds and striations.




A long time coming.. a bold new size ... imagine the heft of the single crystal point that was needed to carve more than a 2½ inch sphere! ~~ remember... these are natural crystal spheres, unusually clear, but replete with veils and planes and inclusions.. all the better to mesmerize!

Click on 'Add' for current sizes and prices.




Pastel green with lavender fluorite crystal pyramids

Lovely pale oriental-green with traces of lavender,
these rare fluorite pyramids stand tall on a base of one and a half inches.

$ 16.



Quartz and Agate Crystal Pyramids

Quartz Pyramids

Currently available from back left, around front to right..
White Quartz
Rose Quartz
Teal and Jet Black Agate

Click on 'Add to Cart' to see current sizes and prices.
Ranging from 1-and-one-half to almost 3 inches
A bit 'pricier' than before but top grade!

WHITE QUARTZ is commonly referred to as "clear" quartz, but is most often a milky, filmy white interrupted with patches and planes of clarity. Clear quartz is the most common mineral on earth! Used for centuries as talismans and healing tools
by ancient Indian and Oriental cultures for example.

ROSE QUARTZ is a quartz associated with friendship and love. Tuned to our emotional plane,
Rose Quartz is the perfect gift for a lover or a friend.

AMETHYST is the most royal of quartz crystals, seen on the far left. A myriad of different lavenders and purples float within this highly polished crystal pyramid.
Considered atuned to our spiritual and creative selves,amethyst has been used for centuries as a meditative and inspirational tool.
Keep it out of the blazing sunlight, as the color can fade with exposure to too much sun!

AGATES consist of quartz intruded with other minerals adjacent to the quartz formation. Agates are used to help us "ground" our emotions and intellect to our physical bodies. Earth, sky and sea tones! New jet and blue, pictured below!





THEE stone of enlightenment and spirituality!


Speaking of amethyst.... Here is your chance for an beautiful, genuine amethyst quartz crystal ball! These are the cream of the crop from Brazil! Lush purples and lavenders swirl within the depths of this gorgeous ball. The surface is polished smooth, while the interior is brimming with crackles and phantoms and refractive facets.

Amethyst Crystal Sphere

Amethyst Quartz Ball


Amethyst balls just in!
~ Smaller spheres from 2 inches and slightly larger!~
Click on 'Add' button
for sizes and prices.

The gorgeous spheres come on a high-polished acrylic base!



ROSE QUARTZ- 2" spheres, unusually perfect!
Great for friend, family, or lover!
Only $36

Rose Quartz Crystal Ball



My favorite.... HEMATITE!

Considered the "worry" or "fever" stone by ancient Greeks,
HEMATITE is somewhere between a metal and a mineral.

Its metallic sheen has fascinated cultures for centuries!

VERY, very heavy, HEMATITE was used to cure fevered conditions and anxiety.
If you put your hematite ball up to your forehead, you will feel its cool, soothing powers!

Hematite Sphere

50mm for $25.





Mineral and Quartz Crystal Balls

From left to right..(background).. 60mm Chinese Pastel Fluorite Ball, 90mm Black Obsidian Ball, ...
(foreground) 40mm Clear Quartz Ball, 50mm Labradorite Ball, 50mm Smoky Quartz Ball

No two balls are alike... sizes vary according to availability.
Click on 'ADD TO CART' under each item to view the current prices of available sizes.

Conversion Table - Millimeters to Inches




A "delicate" quartz crystal, Chinese Fluorite vibrates
with dramatic purples, crystalline white and striking greens.
A translucent "softer" mineral, Ancient Greeks and Romans
carved goblets and wall reliefs from fluorite.
American Indians used fluorite to carve effigies and beads;
it was a prized mineral, as it can be for you!

Approximately 2 gorgeous inches, this 50mm high-polished Fluorite Ball is VIVID! for $48.!

super fluorite spheres



Obsidian is formed near volcanic activity.
It is actually a type of "glass" which is blown off by the volcano
and quickly cooled in the open air.
These marvelously polished spheres are becoming harder to come by.
They are stunning on a wall shelf or mantle.
Seen in the sunlight, these seemingly solid BLACK orbs
shimmer with iridescence from below the surface.

Obsidian balls come with a beautiful high-polish, beveled crystal-clear base!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~ 85mm (3-and-1/2 inch!) offered for $85.!! ~

obsidian sphere



PYRAMID POWER at your fingertips!

Seven minerals for the Seven Chakras

Seven stacked minerals create real pyramid power

Imported from India, these oh-so-cool items will please and surprise you!


Find a quiet setting with a sturdy table.
Anchor your elbow firmly on the table,
with your arm above the 7 Chakra Pyramid.

Center your 7 Chakra Pendulum over your pyramid
by holding the quartz crystal ball at the end of the chain.

Be as still as humanly possible.
Feel the tug?...

You can actually feel the interaction
between the pendulum and pyramid,
almost like the old-fashioned scotty dog magnets.

Try to just barely touch the two points together.
Watch them repel each other!

My pendulum starts to swing in a circular orbit around the pyramid.


See what kind of motions and reactions your Chakra set will exhibit



CHAKRA chart
Thank you New Age Thinkers Shop

Almost 2 inches at base



-- -->

Almost 2 inches long with 6 inch chain



Imagine what a Chakra healer
could do with this!



Amethyst, labradorite, lapis, green aventurine,
citrine, yellow aventurine, and red jasper
make up the layers of your crystal chakra tools!

chakra power you can feel!



Conversion Table - Millimeters to Inches

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