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Crystals are crystals, right? It helps to know which kind of crystals you are talking about.



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Austrian leaded crystal, featured in the Prism Gallery,   Crystal Pyramids,   Crystal Paperweights, and the Crystal Ball Gallery,   is man(woman)-made. Its beauty lies in its stunning perfection and clarity.

While leaded crystals consist of natural earth ingredients, i.e. silicon, they are actually created by people. Made of a special, quality kind of "glass", the Swarovski lead crystals featured elsewhere in Crystal Cove are molten, cast, and then cut and polished in a century-old crystal factory in the foothills of the Austrian Alps.

Their main purpose is for adornment.. used as necklace pendants, earrings, and, of course, window prisms and, most traditionally, components of chandeliers.
Their special talent is creating brilliant, breathtaking rainbows when the sun shines through them. Not a bad life for a Swarovski crystal prism, eh??

crystal jewel


Now, not every lead crystal is a prism! A prism must be transparent and faceted, in order to REFRACT sunlight into its component colors.
The crystal balls in the Crystal Ball Gallery are made of lead crystal, molten and centrifuged into a spherical shape. The opposite of a prism, these balls act like a LENS, focusing the sunlight into a hot, white point. Left in the sun on a flammable surface, they can quickly create a fire!
Their fascination arises from their clarity and near perfection. If you want to learn about the potential psychological effects on ball gazing, click on Color Therapy.


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quartz cluster

Now the other kind of crystals, are EARTH CRYSTALS. These crystals are naturally formed. Earth crystals are actual minerals, formed within the earth, under megatons of pressure over eons of time. To extract them from the earth, they are mined - and then often cut and polished into myriad shapes, some of which are featured below.

The finest of these mineral deposits are used as a source for "gemstones" - earth crystals which are of a purity and rarity worth faceting and polishing into jewels.

quartz cluster

If you share the belief that all natural things in our world, including ourselves, are "cut from the same cloth", it is not a stretch to believe that we have a living relationship with all things natural, including the earth itself. We, the rocks, the ocean, the air, are made of "STARDUST", molecules of atoms blown off of distant stars in their final, dramatic climax called a supernova.

We, like the rocks, consist of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and many other elements. We have different proportions of these ingredients, and of course, differ in that we are conscious. While rocks and minerals are not purported to be "living" in the strict sense, they do, however, consist of molecular, crystalline structures, which react to ENERGY. Their formation itself is the result of vast sources of energy.

Some rocks were formed from the most violent natural energy on the earth - volcanic explosions. Some were formed under incredible pressure into layers of sediment: some were compressed from diverse deposits in their environment into a "conglomerate" stone. In any case, all rocks and minerals are the result of massive processes of energy.

quartz cluster

The Earthstones featured below are all naturally formed (but artificially shaped and polished) crystalline rocks. Many people insist that these stones can be utilized as TOOLS to direct our own energies, outward or inward. After all, if the watch on your wrist is utilizing the tiniest of quartz crystals to transfer energy from the battery to the mechanism, is it that impossible for a larger quartz crystal to transfer or direct your own physical energy? This website itself is being brought to you via quartz microchips which receive, amplify, and direct electrical impulses!

Many people, for centuries, have used natural earth crystals as agents of HEALING; directing energy to places on the body in need of special care, or redirecting energy away from places of surplus. It is up to you to decide what you might try to do with your crystals.

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quartz crystal

Then, of course, there is the whole theory about the PYRAMID - the shape itself; its ability to focus energy to anything, or anybody, within it. What incredible secrets had the Egyptians learned to invest so much time and effort in building these magnificent structures? Imagine, if these theories are true, what powers you might find in your own pyramid MADE of natural quartz crystal!

It is not my intention, here, to expound or prove any theories - there are a zillion books available at any good bookstore, or library. I just wanted to jog a few thoughts - and inspire you to consider the items below as more than just "pretty rocks".


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