STRASSSwarovski Crystal Prisms for your collection!

STRASSSwarovski Crystal is the offical brand name of the 8000 series of high-quality crystal prisms!

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Swarovski crystal ball prism


Please do not be confused by some on-line offers of 'wholesale' crystals which may 'appear' on your monitor to be the quality of Swarovski - either in design, price, or description. Even crystals advertised only as 'Austrian' are probably NOT
crystals made by Swarovski.
If the crystals are not made by Swarovski, you will be disappointed when viewing them side-by-side with the true STRASSSwarovski Crystal prisms!
And some 'wholesale' prices may be higher than's everyday price!

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All prisms below are designed to be hung...
from a window frame, shade pull, curtain rod, wherever!

Each comes with generous nylon hanging line..
Please note: Except for the Aurora effect, the crystals below are crystal CLEAR, like ice.
The amber colors are an artifact of photographing on a dark background to show you the faceting.


What is that small 'hazy' patch I see near the drilled hole in the prisms?

distinguishing mark for crystals  by SWAROVSKI in Austria

In this unique photograph,
the 'hazy patch' is projected by high-intensity light!

This permanently laser-etched
STRASS Signature
is your assurance of original quality from
STRASSSwarovski  Crystal!

Accept nothing less!



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Swarovski's SUN aurora heart crystal prisms!

Put on your sunglasses!
Swarovski's newest aurora effect will pop your eyes out!

Available in 40mm for $19.00

What a year-round VALENTINE dazzle!





The COMET TAIL looks just like its namesake!
A smooth flowing slender neck ends in a multi-faceted
dome-shaped prism.

A delight for the eye...
... and a great addition to your Swarovski collection!

Three inches long!


Please note: The slender 'neck' of this prism does not allow for a drilled hanging-hole.
Instead, a small metal clip acts as a 'collar' to hold hanging line.


Swarovski's neon powered Comet!

ALL of the following STRASSSwarovski Crystal prisms come with the laser-etched mark of quality-assurance!


If you're looking for LOTS of little rainbows dashing about the room, the faceted crystal BALL prisms are for you!

Students of the popular oriental discipline of Feng Shui
use this prism to deflect "bad chi" from entering their home.

These sparkling STRASSSwarovski Crystal prisms have the newest multi-cut design,
with two extra tiers of faceting!

Available in 20mm- 1/2 in. - $6.50...
- 30mm- little over 1 in. -$11....
- 40mm- 1 and 3/4 in. - $21....
-50mm- a big 2 in. $41....
-and even BIGGER 60mm - 2 and 1/2 in.! $70....
And the MONSTER 70mm -almost 3 inches!- $115.!


Swarovski Faceted Crystal Ball Prisms

Conversion table:Millimeters(MM) to Inches

The DREIDLE reminds many people of a Hershey Kiss, but don't go trying to bite into it!

This is one of the classic cuts which is a must for any rainbow-lover.
The angles of this cut capture the sunlight at any possible angle,
so when some of the other prisms have petered out, this one keeps throwing those rainbows,
even when the sun is high in the sky.
A full-3D inch and a half (40mm)



Swarovski Crystal Dreidle Prism



Click here! to see the newest Austrian crystal creations!

While not made by Swarovski, the unbelievable Aurora effects made me include these shimmering Austrian Celestial Crystals ...
an unforgettable, stunning gift!

Celestial Sunburst Crystal
Celestial Moon Crystal



The BEAVERTAIL looks exactly like its namesake.
It's the multi-faceted 'tail of the beaver' or 'back of the turtle' or 'body of the clown'
seen in many high-priced Swarovski composite pieces
in exclusive jewelry shops.

Do not confuse this cut with the more common 'tear' or 'almond' shaped prism.
This beauty is made up of equal-sized diamond-shaped flat facets
arranged diagonally across the broad expanse of the crystal.

The result is brilliant rainbows when struck by sunlight!

This particular prism design is eye-exploding when rendered in this ultimate AURORA effect!
A 'classic' STRASSSwarovski Crystal chandelier cut
in a bold 2-inch (50mm) size.

Friendly-priced at $18.!!

Swarovski Beavertail Crystal Prism


One of my customers dubbed this the TWISTED CRYSTAL
and the name stuck!
The subtle spiraling symmetry of this prism makes this
a very dynamic addition to your collection.
Not easily seen here, each diagonal facet is set at a slight angle from the next,
so its shape gently spirals instead of remaining totally flat.
A big two inches (50mm) high!




One of the most classic prism cuts by Swarovski,
creates chevron-shaped rainbows on the wall!
Available in sizes: - 35mm (one and one half inch) -$14.,
and 30mm (one and a quarter inch) -$9.


Swarovski Crystal Snowflake Prism

Conversion table:Millimeters(MM) to Inches

One and a half inches 35mm
Snowflake Prism

One and one quarter inch 30mm
Snowflake Prism



What is that small 'hazy' patch I see near the drilled hole in the prisms?

distinguishing mark for crystals made by SWAROVSKI in Austria
In this unique photograph,
the 'hazy patch' is projected by high-intensity light!

This permanently laser-etched
STRASS Signature
is your assurance of the original quality
STRASSSwarovski  Crystal!

Accept nothing less!



The classic crystal ICICLE is one of the first STRASSSwarovski Crystal cuts.

During my visit to the Alps, I visited the three unbelievable castles of King Ludwig.
Many of his magnficient chandeliers had Bavarian crystals with this cut.

Available in inch-and-a-half for $5.,
almost three inches for $11.
and a whopping 4 inches for NO longer available!
Long brilliant vertical rainbows splatter across the wall, even in the smaller sizes.

Conversion table:Millimeters(MM) to Inches


May I introduce you to the newest 'effect' from the people who invented DAZZLE!
This one-inch eye-popper Swarovski STAR prism
reflects the Sunburst Aurora to the hilt!

One and a half inches, 40mm of WOW!



New Sunburst Aurora Swarovski Crystal Star Prism


The Swarovski MARQUIS is fashioned after the elegant classic cut
used for the finest of diamonds!
Gracefully curving to points on top and bottom,
the Marquis could be your favorite prism!

50mm (2 beautiful inches) $14.


Swarovski Crystal Marquis Prism




If you are purchasing your prisms to be used as gifts,
STARRY-EYED now offers a fine, soft

for a unique 'presentation'!
Just big enough to hold one prism.

Please note: The pouch is a bit of a squeeze for the 50mm faceted balls

Prism pouch makes an excellent gift presentation!

Courtesy price of $.85





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