My personal trip to Wattens, Austria

Swarovski Crystal Shop Sign


The finest full-lead crystals are made in Austria by Swarovski Crystal!

These fine optically-pure prisms are manufactured under the most careful security, so that the 100-year-old secrets of production will not be imitated by competitors. Swarovski crystals are made in Wattens in the foothills of the Austrian Alps, not far from Innsbruck. Gorgeous Alpine mountain peaks loom over the idyllic setting of the Swarovski crystal plant.

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The Grand Adventure

Swarovski Crystal Factory

For a grand adventure in 1989, I camped throughout Bavaria and Austria, with the visit to the Swarovski Crystal plant my personal highlight! The beautiful official gift shop gave demonstrations of hand-blown crystal figures, in addition to its fine array of prisms and crystal jewelry for sale. I was thrilled to realize that MY prices for these same items were almost HALF of the price right there on site!



Swarovski Crystal Shop

As a young whipper-snapper, I thought nothing of calling the President of the company from a pay-phone outside the crystal shop. I wanted a tour! Having just instigated security measures to keep competitors from stealing century-old secrets, alas I could not see the crystals being manufactured. BUT! The International Public Relations officer took me on a PERSONAL tour of the International Showroom, where many of the newest prism shapes and color-effects were on display for the first time!

Swarovski International Crystal Showroom




On display was the WORLD'S largest (and finest) cut crystal.
You can imagine the size of it by comparing it
to the floral arrangements on either side!


Largest cut lead-crystal in the world - by Swarovski

Much has changed at the Swarovski factory since my magical trip, but I'll always remember my special treatment.
It's the best of many highlights throughout my career which allow me to feel I've earned the special title
"The Original Crystal Lady."




Swarovski Crystal World mountain in 1999

Alot has changed at the Swarovski crystal factory in the years since I visited!
Two wonderful customers of mine took this shot in 1999 of the newest crystal 'mountain'.

Visitors have the thrill of walking behind the waterfall to enter the world of Swarovski!
Inside visitors are astounded by a huge cavern, filled with displays.

Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Faller.

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And here I am, decades later... STILL purveying Swarovski crystals...
STILL being amazed at their awesome quality and design...
STILL waiting for YOUR order!


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