; Swarovski crystal factory institutes new laser-etched marking in each Swarovski crystal prism

Swarovski's New Laser-etching

found within its crystal prisms!


Swarovski's new laser etching now on crystal prisms
The unusual picture above shows the marking projected
by intensor light traveling through the prism!


If you look very closely 'inside' your crystal prisms purchased from CRYSTAL COVE,
you may see what appears to be a hazy patch under the surface
of one of the facets near the top of the prism.
This is NOT a flaw!
Closer inspection reveals a tiny pagoda-shaped pattern...
it is actually the new laser-etched marking!

Swarovski has instituted this new marking on many of its individual prisms
to distinguish its quality from competitor prism manufacturers,
many of which have been copying Swarovski's faceting,
patterns and marketing techniques.

What this means to you is your assurance of top quality crystal:
clarity, sharpness of cut, and dramatic design.

No wholesale inquiries, please!

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