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amazing crystal rainbow

Can you believe this?
My friend Jennifer N. took this in her living room!



amazing crystal rainbow

What a showcase for their Swarovski crystal prisms!
Magnificent window to knock your eyes out!
The whole Newton family collects these beauties!


My songstress friend SHERRI ROBBINS
collected these prisms from!

amazing crystal tree

Sherri uses her magic touch to create this gorgeous crystal tree!
It matches the scheme of the room so artistically!


kaleidoscope crystal prism

Sherri uses her magic touch to create this gorgeous crystal tree!
It matches the scheme of the room so artistically!



crystal prisms at the big street fair
What a shot!
My friend Pat Woldar took this at my big Media, PA Super Sunday street fair!


William Hamme and family submitted this pic
of just one small portion of their vast collection!
Customers from the GREEN DRAGON market for many many years!

Favorite window with Swarovski crystals


Interior design with a twist!
What a dramatic addition to this modern window treatment!

The stark symmetry of the valance is tipped with the soft colors of the aurora comet tail!
Jo from Illinois has created a visually stunning window!

window with Swarovski crystal


Swarovski crystals in unexpected places!
The most unusual application for crystals yet!

Martha designed this innovative hallway
for a client using Swarovski crystals set in bezels
and attached to wall sections!

I wonder what the hall would look like if the sun makes contact!

Swarovski crystals in unexpected places


Catherine's beloved crystal balls!

Catherine Wishart submitted this portrait
of her favorite items from!

She is a certified life counselor and psychic!

Favorite crystal balls and pewter stands


My thoughtful customer, Ruth Peterson from Florida, writes of her many reasons for giving crystal prisms.
It warms my heart to realize that she sends comfort in the form of rainbow beauty when expressing sympathy to friends and family for their departed ones.

Part of my back story is that my mother always had beautiful prisms in her south picture window. Each one was a gift to her and had a story. Visitors loved seeing them. When she died I sent one like one of hers to a dear friend that Iíve known since college. She was thrilled and thought it had belonged to my mother. I never corrected her.

More recently, another childhood friend lost her mother. Not wanting to send flowers I looked for something to send in her memory that would be meaningful and last. I found your website ! Robin was delighted.

Then came another friend who had lost a son two years ago and a grandson serving in the military a few weeks ago. SO, memorial prisms were sent their way. Diane, the mother/ grandmother came into the sailing club that we belong to, today. She grabbed me and gave me the biggest hug, while describing that she hung the prisms in a big bay window and she feels like their spirits are shining around the room when the sunlight hits them.

In the meantime, this past weekend, another friend lost a daughter, who was only 40, to a devastating disease. In the past dialysis and antibiotics had helped but not this time. My daughter was close to her growing up and she chose the most recent prism to reflect Heathers spirit and memory. We hope it brings some joy the Heathers parents and family.

I hope that I donít need anymore more for these reasons any time soon, but Iím pleased to have a gift that will spread joy to the receiver no matter what the circumstances. I hope your business thrives.




Prism collector, Vikki Deren created this twig tree display.

Graceful branches inserted into a container filled with stones
form the magic tree!

Crystal tree grows inside!


Vikki Deren's latest display.
Even ONE horizontal twig tastefully hung with gorgeous Swarovski crystals
turns this tabletop into a stunning light and color display!

Crystal tree grows inside!


It's whole collection time!

Michael Master submitted this pic
of his sundry collection of all things magical!

Most of the fabulous pewter pieces came from STARRY-EYED.COM !

Tudor Mint pewter from Mike's fantasy collection


Max Alkis has been collecting Tudor Mint pewter dragons
since he was a precocious young boy!

Just look at his collection now that he is graduating!

A young collector's pewter treasure


My wonderful customer, Catherine Booth,
uses crystals from
to adorn her stained glass!

Look how perfectly the crystal aurora star fits within the window!

Swarovski swing crystal mimics the butterfly wings!

Look how the curvy 'swing' crystal mimics the butterfly wings!

Swarovski crystal heart proclaims lovebirds love

Catherine may be contacted at


My dear friend Gloria has made Oklahoma just a bit more beautiful!


sent in by Bruce from California

Patterns made by The Crystal Twist, Wing, and the special 'gift' octagon


The Swarovski crystal twist made these for Bruce T. in California
Swarovski wing prism rainbows
Swarovski Octagon Prism rainbows

What a sparkly corner of heaven for Donna Doyle!


Jennifer D. Fedock dons a rainbow!L O O K!


Jennifer D. Fedock


a rainbow!

See her many

artistic endeavors




Just look what Howard Fine has done with Crystal Cove's pyramids!~


She arrived in perfect shape today.....thank you!
I'll send you a picture when I'm done making her new home out of some driftwood and stained glass......should be interesting.

(2 weeks later) ~ promised, the (pretty much) finished product.
She looks happy on her new home.
Now to start thinkin' of another project so I'll be visiting your website soon :o)

Thanks again,
Mike Lenk,TN

Meet Cherridise.. Mike Lenk's creation with Lil' Sprout Fairy!


Just so you'll know, I pull down my "bookmarks" to get to you these days! Your prices have been compared directly to an on-line competitor and you win even with their "sale" prices!

Jane H., Tekonsha, MI

Good morning,

Just wanted to let you know that I have received the prisms I ordered and they are even better in person than they are on the website! I purchased these for my husband for Christmas and know he will be delighted as well. Thank you so very much for your prompt attention and handling. I will be sure to give your name to others who are interested. And, Iím sure I will be back as a return customer!

Happy holidays!


Just wanted to tell you that I received the pewter dragon that I ordered on Friday.
It arrived safely and I am very happy with it.
I really liked that you sent my order out via Priority mail.

I had a lot of problems last year with a different company.
The problems involved credit card processing, back ordered items, and shipping delays. I was very nervous about trying to order via the Internet again this year. But, I'm really glad that I did!

The entire experience with your company was very professional and easy to complete. I ordered via credit card, no back orders, and my order arrived within 2 days.

I will definitely be back in the future!

Keep up the good work.


Sue K.

Good Morning!
I wanted to let you know that my fiance LOVED the dragon.
It seems that no matter how many I get for him he is still
totally thrilled with each and every one.
The quality of your dragons is matched by no one else...they are so unique and top of the line and rest assured that I will certainly be back for more.
I just need more holidays in a year (ha).

Thanks again...and Happy Valentine's Day to you!


Thanks as always,arrived safe & sound & totally beautiful!!!!
It is so good to know that when I need a special are it!!!!
I hope to make it up to Pa. in person come spring!!!!




It's a tie! Bird and crystals equally beautiful!
It's a tie! Bird and crystals... equally beautiful!

A view to another world
A view to another world!


Vicki's fairyland of rainbows
Vicki's fairyland of rainbows!

Oh wow! You just keep astounding me! Thank you!!
They are so gorgeous. As you can tell, everything got here just fine, and my pal was thrilled with her amythest. (The other celestial duo is for her birthday). Thank you ever so much again!
Take care!

Rhonda, Wisconsin

I have received my order of the agate pyramid along with the free prism. I am very satisfied with the product. I think it should also be greatly noted that the packaging was superb. A product such as this one has a special significance, and the suspense of going through such nice packaging that you provide, adds greatly to the perceived value of your product. Wonderful job, I am greatly pleased and will be purchasing more from you in the future.

A.B. Tigner Jr., US Navy

Hi Priscilla!
Hey, the dragon arrived today, WOW. Is he every GREAT. I can't tell you how pleased I am with him; no one around here sells any pewter dragons that come CLOSE to this one for quality, design and weight (not to mention the PRICE!!!) Thank you so much; when payday rolls around, I just might come back and get another dragon from you. I bookmarked your site!



Dear Priscilla,
My shipment arrived yesterday, which was speedy. I am truly impressed with the details of your packaging such as beautiful seals, a tiny butterfly holding the hank of fishing line, a lovely card, thank you gift, loyalty sticker, and so on. You are a class act! I'm proud to know you! Everyone should be delighted to do business with you! (These are more exclamation marks than I usually use in six months, but I mean them.) Many thanks.


Wow - you know, I just ordered these prisms yesterday and they have already arrived! Your packaging was great, the prisms are exceptional, and I love my little free crystal. The spiral prism is a housewarming gift for a good friend of mine, and the others are housewarming gifts for me ;)
I'm sure I'll be back to visit the website soon - after all, there's plenty more windows that face the sun at the new place...

Thanks again,


Just wanted to say Thank You for being the BEST site for ordering the Tudor Mint Dragons and Wizards. A very good friend of mine and myself have been ordering and sending your Pewter Wizards and Dragons back and forth for a couple of years now. And it doesn't look like its going to end any time soon! The quality is magnificent, the detail awe inspiring, and the customer service are second to none. The orders are shipped very quickly and always arrive in perfect shape. We shall continue to be long time buyers. Again, Thank You.

Steven K., Hampton VA.

Hi Priscilla!
I just got back from my mom's and wanted to tell you how wonderfully pleased I was with all of the items - they are absolutely beautiful and I wish I had plenty of $$$ to buy more of them. Thank you also for the extra gift - that was so sweet of you and my husband will be really pleased.
Thank you for great service and for such wonderful products!

Joanne Squires

Hello, Priscilla!

Just wanted to let you know that my order arrived today (speedy!) and I'm delighted with everything. The prisms are beautiful! Thanks also for the additional prism you enclosed. Since the other items are all for gifts, I'll now have a prism of my own to enjoy! I really appreciate your helpful response to my initial e-mail inquiry, and the terrific service with my order. I'll be sure to recommend you to my friends. Thanks very much!!

Roger Z., San Angelo, TX

Hi Priscilla!
I just wanted you to know that my friend Rick received the Dragon and Crystal gift that I ordered. He loved it! Thank you so much! The significance of the gift is rather personal, but I wanted to let you know that it suited the bill perfectly.
Also, Thank you for my Crystal prism that you sent me. My daughter swiped it and has it hanging in her bedroom window to make rainbows on her walls when the sun comes up in the morning.
I will tell all my friends about your site. Feel free to use me as a referral I deeply appreciate your service.

Thanks again!

WENDY, Bethlehem, PA.

Dear Starry-eyed,
I received the crystals today, and I can't wait to take them to my classroom tomorrow and share them with my 4th graders. Thank you so much for your quick response, good advice, and beautiful product.


June, San Antonio, TX

Hi Priscilla,
The dragons came today. They are in fact fantastic! I did not realize how heavy they would be. I thought they had given me the wrong package.:) The detail is great. My friend is going to love these dragons as Christmas presents. These are going to be the first of her collection so I know I will be back looking for birthday / christmas presents again. I will also let her know about your site.
I want to thank you for your prompt e-mails and fast service.
Thanks again,

Happy Holidays!

Gary, Weed, CA

Dear Priscilla,
I'm so happy to be able to get this in the mail today. Thanks again for adding that "magic touch" to {my twin nephews'} Christmas, and for having an affordable price!

Colleen Conklin, Springfield, MA

What a creative aunt! Below are Chris, in his blue custom-made wizard robe and hat, and Aaron in his red magic outfit! Are they enjoying their new crystal balls or what?? *:-)

Wizard Boy Chris Wizard Boys Chris and Aaron Wizard Boy Aaron
ATTENTION PRISCILLA...... It is gorgeous, just terrific. To feel and touch such an imposing orb is an experience in itself. Thanks so much. Just wanted you to know that it arrived in great shape.

Gayle, Orange, VA

I received the prisms yesterday -- they're perfect and beautiful!
Your web site was *exactly* what I was looking for. You were responsive and reliable and managed to add a personal touch even though we didn't meet face-to-face. A wonderful Internet purchase experience.
Now, I just have to decide the best location for each prism in my home. :)

Many thanks!

Lynn, Germantown, MD

Whoa Priscilla! You are a truthsayer...this rose quartz sphere is ....whoa!WHOA! beautifutiquimo, fabulous, gorgeous, I mean... thank you so much Priscilla!!!:-) And your cool color magnet is on my file cabinet (although I still haven't found a home for the mini prism but am thinking about the deep deep purple (you did say it was deep didn't you?) amethyst sphere...hmmmmm........hmmmmmm
thank you thank you thank you and thanks again!!!

Don Carlisle, Fremont, CA

My crystal ball arrived this morning. It got here really fast! The ball is very beautiful and looks great on the butterfly stand. The prism you sent me will look very nice when I hang it up. It was great doing business with you and I will definitely recomend you to my friends! Thanks! :)

Crystee Retamosa, Victorville, CA

This is one of the funnest (most fun), most informative and best laid out web sites I have ever visited. It really killed my morning as far as time goes (much to see), but it was what I was looking for. I would like to order!
I am fixing up an apartment and it needs a lot of help!
Thank you,

Cathy Gosch, CA

I received my crystal ball & stand today. I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful service. When I opened the package I was stunned. It is more beautiful than I ever dreamed it would be. It will make a lovely addition to our house. Thank you again.

Trisha Graff, Kingston, NY


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