STRASSSwarovski Crystal Prisms for your collection!

STRASS®Swarovski® Crystal is the official brand name of Series 8000 crystal prisms made by Swarovski in Austria.

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It's been a  l o n g  time since Swarovski issued brand new prism designs!

And these are just SO worth having waited for!

RADICAL new modern designs.. BOLD faceting.. OPTICALLY-PURE quality!

Each new crystal prism comes with the laser-etched mark of quality-assurance!

Please note: Except for the Aurora effect, the crystals below are crystal CLEAR, like ice.
The amber colors are an artifact of photographing on a dark background to show you the faceting.



What is that small 'hazy' patch I see near the drilled hole in the prisms?

distinguishing mark for crystals made by SWAROVSKI in Austria
In this unique photograph,
the 'hazy patch' is projected by high-intensity light!

This permanently laser-etched
STRASS Signature
is your assurance of the original quality
STRASSSwarovski   Crystal!

Accept nothing less!


Nylon line is provided for each prism.


Conversion table:Millimeters(MM) to Inches

Swarovski's new Hexagon JewelPrism

Perfect six-sided symmetry sparkles like diamonds!

28mm - a breath shy of one inch -

Enlarge this into a window and put it in the Westminster Cathedral!

Conversion table:Millimeters(MM) to Inches

Swarovski's new abstract D'Art Prism

Perfectly UNequal symmetry creates a 'modern art' look!

50mm - two crazy inches high -

Not your average Swarovski prism .. lol

Conversion table:Millimeters(MM) to Inches

crystal icon

Swarovski's new Spin Drop Prism

What a crazy new "spin" on the classic rain drop design!

A spiraling groove travels the whole length of the tapered drop
...from top to bottom!

Swarovski SPIN DROP Prism
76mm - three long inches of innovation! -


Swarovski rainbow crystal cluster

Cluster of Swarovski
Rainbow Crystals!
30 mm - one and a quarter inch -
Fourteen crystals for $14!

A dazzling cluster of CHAKRA colors to enhance your window...
...your room... your life!

All the saturated gemstone colors of the Chakra Chart in one beautiful creation!
Literalliy HUNDREDS of tiny spectrums will emanate everywhere!

CHAKRA chart
The Seven Chakra Energy Centers


Swarovski's new modern Cosmic Crystal  Prism

Swarovski COSMIC Prism
40mm - almost two crazy inches!! -

My loyal importer found this limited supply of Swarovski abstract modern designs!
Originally created to be unusual crystal necklace pendants, a few larger prisms were manufactured at the time.
The laws of time and space do not apply!

Swarovski's new Spear Prism

WOW! A bold 80 mm pointed SPEAR..
You could poke your eye out~!

A dramatic central cut radiates to each side, top and bottom!

Swarovski SPEAR Prism
80mm - OVER three impressive inches long!! -

While this and the next couple of new prisms seem a bit 'pricey',
please appreciate that STARRY-EYED.COM is offering these intricate
top-of-the-line prisms with a 15 to 30% discount!
My loyal importer is offering these prices especially to STARRY-EYED

raindrop crystal

Swarovski's new FANprism

A visual treat!

From the 'front' it's a sparkling crystal FAN
but from the 'side' it's upside-down!

Gorgeous intricate facets 'fan' out from the points!

Swarovski FAN Prism
38mm - inch and a half-

ON SALE... $25.00 !

Swarovski's new Club crystal looks more like rain

Just the most beautiful faceted gem of a RAIN DROP!

Sparkling diamond-shaped facets
surround the drop as it stretches down
to softly land on a petal!

Swarovski RAIN DROP Prism
50mm - two sparkling inches long -

ON SALE - $22.!

Swarovski's new crazy cone prism

Totally new take on the traditional icicle!

Not only does the crystal hang from the 'wrong' end,
the usual cone symmetry has also been 'tweaked'
to be lop-sided in a very BIG and beautiful way!

Swarovski Crazy Cone Prism
76mm long!

100mm - four dazzling inches long! -

Swarovski's new Fancy Bar Prism

What a fancy faceting on the traditional simple 'bar' prism!

Beautiful reflective cuts on both sides are set slightly 'askew'
so that viewing from the front reveals
multiple reflections!

Swarovski FANCY BAR Prism
50mm - two inches of style -

ON SALE... $15.00 !

Swarovski's new DALIA beauty of a prism

What a stunning BEAUTY of symmetry!

An inch-and-a-half radial pattern pulls your eye from the center point
outward to the intricate triangular edging.
It's the perfect crystal 'wreath' for the holidays!

You'll hear yourself exclaiming, "What a beauty!"

$ 22.

Swarovski's new aurora WILDHEART crystal!clear dazzling facets make the new wildheart Swarovski prism!

After all these years... a NEW and different heart design!

Whether you choose AURORA or crystal CLEAR, you'll love this beauty!

SO ornate with old-fashioned elegance!

New WILD HEART Clear crystal
28mm - An Inch High -

New AURORA Wild Heart Prism
28mm - An Inch High -

Swarovski's neon powered Comet!

Such an unusual Aurora glow that it looks
battery operated!

A smooth, slender, tapered drop
ends in a multi-faceted perfect cone prism.

Tiny itty rainbows shoot from the delicate faceting.

While this crystal design is not new,
it is newly being offered by starry-eyed.
Hence it is posted in both the 'classic' and the 'newest' galleries.

What a beauty!

Please note: The slender 'neck' of this prism does not allow for a drilled hanging-hole.
Instead, a small metal clip acts as a 'collar' to hold hanging line.

Swarovski COMET TAIL
75mm - 3 inches length -
Forever gone

Conversion table:Millimeters(MM) to Inches

Swarovski's aurora crystals cluster together!

Knock your eyes out!
Seemingly zillions of dazzling facets
make this a MUST for rainbow lovers!

FIFTEEN! Swarovski aurora jewel-cut octagons,
gently wired (not glued) together,
splatter hundreds of tiny but brilliant! rainbows
up, down, and all around!

The rainbows look like fairy dust!
40mm - Inch and half in diameter - $16!

jewel crystal

Rare WING prism looks like a crystal waterfall

One of the most unique prism designs for your growing collection!
The Swarovski design looks just like a crystal waterfall.
Available in very limited numbers!

The strikingly BOLD flat facets create a towering effect
as they gently widen to the base.

Of course, the rainbows are just as dramatic!

I'd like to name this The Waterfall!

Swarovski WING PRISM
80mm - 3 and one quarter BIG inches tall - $48.

jewel crystal

Swarovski's rare and discontinued crystal STARFISH goes with Swarovski's crystal SHELL


One of the few Swarovski crystals taking on a natural flowing shape.
Goes nicely with the Aurora SHELL below!

40mm - "almost" two inches wide and high! - $22.

jewel crystal

Swarovski's rare and discontinued crystal SHELL is back again


Limited number!
A lovely companion to the Swarovski Crystal Starfish above.

Pastel colors scintillate with the slightest movement!

One of the few Swarovski prisms to emulate an object in nature!

40mm - "almost" two inches wide and high! - $22.

crystal icon

Swarovski's new VIBE 
crystal prism from the sideSwarovski VIBE prism from the frontSwarovski VIBE prism turned 
45 degrees
VIBE from side - VIBE from front - VIBE at angle

This new Swarovski prism is a "two-for-one"!
Completely different symmetries on the front and sides
give the illusion of two completely different prisms!
A bit pricey, but worth it's weight in rainbows!

38mm - one and a half inches long - $22!

crystal jewel

Swarovski's new FAIRY WING crystal prism

A bee-uuutiful unusual crystal!
One of the very few Swarovski designs with an asymmetrical shape,
this FAIRY WING delicately hangs like a drop of gossamer dew.
A vivid aurora dazzles the eye with rainbow reflections!
Very collectable!

50mm - 2 inches long - $14!


crystal jewel

Swarovski's new GLOW crystal prism

A striking new prism designed like a pendulum!
Stark lines hang suspended from a gracefully curved crown.

50mm - 2 inches long - $16!
ONE in stock

Swarovski's new twisting waffle crystal prism

A crazy 'twist' on a simple design,
this WAVELET looks perfectly round and flat from the front.

But give it a little gentle spin and it will astound the eye!

I'd like to name it THE WAFFLE :)

40 mm - just shy of 2 inches - $12
No longer stocked

Swarovski's new LILY OCTAGON crystal prism

A stunning NEW take on the traditional octagon prism shape!
Swarovski has issued several octagon-shaped prisms throughout the years,
but THIS design is the cat's meow!
Strikingly-brilliant facets radiate from the center point and create BRILLIANT rainbows!

40mm - 1 and 3/4 inches long and wide - $13!

NOW available in a BIG BOLD! 50mm....
looks MUCH bigger than its two-inch diameter!

Click on 'Add to Cart' to choose size

Conversion table:Millimeters(MM) to Inches

Swarovski's new VIEW crystal prism

This is a wild one!
You can see the 'view' through two perfectly clear marquis-shaped facets
which are set askew from each other,
looking just like a collapsed cylinder.

From the front it looks very three-dimensional,
but from the side it is almost flat!
In fact, there is one moment where it seems to disappear!
Very kewl!

If I had my way, I'd call it "The Mirage"!

40mm -inch and a half diameter - $18!

Swarovski's new SWING crystal prism

Diminutive, but daring...
this inch-long beauty spirals much like our
own Milky Way Galaxy!
Shaped like a ~ it is sure to please!

30mm -inch long - $8!

Swarovski's new FLOW crystal prism

Like a long flowing teardrop, this prism ends with an intricate multi-faceted dome on the bottom. Bee-utiful!
When light enters the stem, it's reflected back by the facets in the dome, and actually looks like a lit 4th of July sparkler!

63mm -two and 1/2 inches long - $24!

Conversion table:Millimeters(MM) to Inches

jeweled crystal

Swarovski's new Sun crystal prism

In my 24 years as 'The Crystal Lady', I've never seen a more dramatic prism!
You will swear the center is an actual hole of thin air.
Even at close range, this prism is so optically-pure you cannot see the center!
One side of the wheel is slightly skewed from the other side,
so looking through the prism you see double the facets!
And that means double the rainbows!

This fabulous prism is priced to FLY out the window!
40mm -inch and a half diameter - $11!

Turtleshell crystal prism

This stunning prism has rectangular cuts.. every other prism in this collection consists of either triangular or diamond-shaped facets.
The Turtleshell, also known as 'The Matrix',
immediately grabs your attention with the unusual combination
of a perfectly OVAL shape consisting of SQUARED facets!

It is also 'fat' from the side, so you get ALOT of crystal.. it's heavy!

BRILLIANT rainbows!
50mm - 2 'big' inches
This stunning design is no longer available from Austria.
I loved the design so much I looked into the Chinese and Turkish crystal catalogues
hoping to find a comparable cut. But NO such animal!
I'm keeping it up on the website mainly because I just love looking at it!

crystal jewel

Swarovski's new Crystal Twist prism

What a beauty! Reminiscent of a candy cane or the old-fashioned barber pole, this crystal prism gently twists from top to bottom!
A big 2 inches long, this one throws brilliant! rainbows in all directions.
Think of it as a lighthouse, casting full-spectrum beams
360 degrees around the room.

50mm - 2 'big' inches - $16.
Available now only in sparkling CLEAR.

Conversion table:Millimeters(MM) to Inches

Swarovski pyramid crystal prism

This hanging prism is not designed to stand on a tabletop..
the bottom is not flat.

Also known as 'The Flame', this crystal has to be seen in person to appreciate it's unique design.
From the front and back this 35mm (inch and one half) prism appears to be a linear cut pyramid with horizontal steps.

But from the side you can see the 'ladder-steps' on the front-side continue around the bottom and start ascending the back side.
You can peer into the crystal from each of the perfectly
smooth and clear side panels.

35mm - 1 and 1/2 inches - $25.

If you are purchasing your prisms to be used as gifts,
STARRY-EYED now offers the option of

For a unique 'presentation',
each pouch has a turquoise cord for a draw-string,
and is just big enough to hold one crystal prism.

Please note: The pouch is a bit of a squeeze for the 50mm faceted balls... but they do fit.

Prism pouch makes an excellent gift presentation!

Courtesy price $ .85



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