The Ultimate Crystal Ball

The crystal balls featured on the 'Ultimate' page are not the very common 'glass' balls
that often contain bubbles, irregular surfaces, or murky quality.

Priscilla Prisms hand-picks first-quality spherical pure crystal balls.
These are carved and polished in the Orient
from molten-then-cooled crystal-clear blocks of QUARTZ crystal!


These crystal balls are the finest quality made on the planet,
and usually found elsewhere at mind-boggling prices!

Here at CRYSTAL COVE  East truly meets West!



These are the lowest prices for PERFECT crystal balls Crystal Cove has ever offered in 22!! years on-line!

Ball Size Array

Sizes Pictured are 100mm, 80mm, 50mm..
note car key for comparison


50mm (2 inches) Crystal Ball = $20.

80mm (over 3 inches) Crystal Ball = $64.


110mm (over 4 inches) Crystal Ball = $85.


Two and three inch balls come with an acrylic ring base.
Four and five inch perfect balls come with a sturdy,
high-polished and bevelled crystal clear acrylic base



125mm (FIVE inches) Crystal Ball =   $110.

You'll receive a beautiful high-polished flat acrylic stand.

The crystal clear perfect stand complements
the simplicity and grandeur of the crystal ball.

The crystal clear stand complements the simplicity of the crystal ball


Remember, just one more inch of diameter in these perfect spheres
almost triples their weight!

With the new FLAT RATE Priority shipping box, the MAXimum shipping for the 'big boys' will be around $22.00.
Your 'automatic' receipt will be credited if the postage calculated exceeds the Flat Rate!

Millimeters to inches CONVERSION TABLE


You may also feel free to order smaller 2-inch-spherical balls
in an array of COLORS from the Crystal Ball Page.

NEVER display your crystal balls in the DIRECT sun.
They will act just like a LENS or magnifying glass
and could create a FIRE on flammable surfaces
under or near your crystal ball!


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