Crystal Paperweight Shapes

If you thought paperweights were just plain and practical, think again!

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This fine example of a cast-and-polished crystal cone
literally shimmers
with deep rainbow reds/greens/blues!
Viewed from the top, the base takes on a daisy-like shape
caused by the carved "flutes" running from base to point.
A big 50 mm (2 inches high and wide at the base) for

Temporarily out of stock!!

Rainbow Fluted Crystal Cone
Fluted Bermuda Blue Cone

Here's the gorgeous pastel
blue/purple/periwinkle cone!
Unlike the pictured deep blue/purple cone, the current batch of crystal cones shows an ethereal periwinkle hue!

A brilliant 50mm 2-inch high beauty!


Nothing like a little magic to make you look twice!
This OBELISK boggles the mind with its optical tricks!
Appearing virtually hollow from many angles,
a second look from the TOP
reveals rainbow colors reflecting from within.
This beauty stands 90mm (almost 4 inches) high

A perfect peacock-colored pyramid sits atop
this solid tower of apparently-clear crystal!


Obelisk Crystal
illusion spire crystal paperweight reflects the rainbow

The ILLUSION SPIRE is just that!
Where in the world are
these colors coming from?

85mmm high (three and one half inches) of solid mind-bending reflections!


Illusion crystal paperweight shimmers with the rainbow!

The ILLUSION SPIRE from three angles!
A dramatic angeled slice down the length of the crystal
creates a magical effect!


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Speaking of 'looking twice'... wow!
This brilliant faceted rainbow sphere will fascinate your imagination!

Colors explode from this crystal faceted paperweight
Colors change with angle of view!
Crystal faceted sphere paperweight is SO colorful!


Beautiful 40mm (inch and one half inches) in diameter with flat bottom for table top!


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crystalline tower of peacock colorscrystal tower viewed from sidepaperweight crystal with peacock facets


Two and one half inches of towering color
over a triangular base!
Diagonal slices down the sides,
give this tabletop crystal a new dramatic look
from every angle.
Pictured above is the "synergy" face on and from the sides.

"Synergy" means the whole being greater
than the sum of its parts.
As you will see!


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Crystal table top paperweights seen from top


Conversion table:Millimeters(MM) to Inches

All paperweights come with padded felt bases!


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