Crystal Balls

These colorful crystal gazing balls from Austria and Germany
average close to 2 inches in diameter.
No two balls are exactly alike.

Gallery of Crystal Balls

Available crystal ball colors as seen above:
left to right:
(top row) Crystal Clear, Aqua Blue, Pale Lavender, "Aurora",
(bottom row) Ruby Red, Emerald Green, Dark Sapphire Blue.

Also available in ROSE, TOPAZ,RUBY and Solid JET BLACK, CLICK HERE!

NEW JET BLACK crystal ball with Aurora!

Look how lovely the JET BLACK crystal ball with 'Aurora'
looks with the pewter butterfly stand!

Jet black lead crystal ball with aurora


You may match any 2-inch crystal ball on this page with any stand below!

Click "Add to Cart" to chose your crystal ball and stand.

The Aurora Effect adds $2.00 to your total

Having trouble choosing a crystal ball color??

NOW AVAILABLE - LARGER 60mm size in limited colors

GO  TO Crystal Ball Array Ultimate Larger Clear Crystal Balls!




Crystal Ball Stands

Crystal Ball with Scroll Stand

Clear 50mm crystal ball on Gold Scroll Tripod Stand

Photo courtesy of Kevin Donahue



Featured new stand for special gifts!

Beautiful soft-glowing pewter butterflies, bejeweled with pale rose and/or sapphire and amethyst Austrian crystals!
Can easily hold from a 50mm (2-inch) all the way up to 80mm, featured on the
Ultimate Balls and Stands page.


Pewter and Crystal Butterfly Crystal Ball Stand

This stand is available ONLY with the purchase of any size of crystal gazing ball at STARRY-EYED.COM for $14.00

Order this in combination with your 50mm crystal ball for an additional $14.!
Just click on "Add to Cart" under the group photo of the crystal balls, above and below on this page.

amethyst crystal ball with pewter jewel butterfly stand.
Pictured here is the deep amethyst-colored crystal ball
with the jewel butterfly stand.



Stands below are not available for purchase separately without the ball

To order these 2-inch clear or color crystal balls withOUT stands, click HERE.

NEW Circle of Dolphins Stand!
Pewter and Gold Dolphin Crystal Ball Stand

Available in polished gold OR burnished pewter finish!
Please specify gold or pewter.


Butterfly Stand
Pewter and Gold Butterfly Crystal Ball Stand

Available in polished gold OR burnished pewter finish!
Please specify gold or pewter.


Scroll Tripod
Pewter Scroll Crystal Ball Stand

Available in polished gold or burnished pewter.

Delicate Shell Stand
Gold Delicate Shell Crystal Ball Stand

Available in polished gold only!

Leaf Wreath Stand
Gold and Pewter Leaf Crystal Ball Stand

Available in polished gold OR burnished pewter finish!
Please specify gold or pewter.


Filigree ROSE Stand
Sturdy ROSE crystal ball stand

Pewter only... Adds $6. to total.



See how lovely this collection of balls looks using the different stands

Crystal ball collection

Your choice.. any combination of 50mm ball and small stand on this page.... $25. !!






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