Sapphire (and cobalt) is the color of royalty.. and associated with this is a strong sense of loyalty. The color of Western culture Kings, it was worn to distinguish the nobility from the commoner. A "high-minded" color, it can be used to soothe the stressful mind. A color of intellect.. sapphire blue can clear your mind of distractions and everyday trivia which so easily fills our heads at the expense of truly important thoughts.
Sit down with your luxurious cobalt crystal ball. Dim your lighting, turn-off the TV, radio, yes, even the computer. Light a couple of candles, and watch the play of reflected candlelight on the surface of your ball. Look deeper into the recess of the interior of your crystal... you will feel your tension loosening its hold.
Who said colors can't affect your thinking??



Physically, red has always been associated with blood... and, in turn, to the heart and circulation. Even wearing red, can affect certain personalities to be more dynamic. If you are in need of a little "push" to become more extroverted, or need some courage to face a certain problem or person, your ruby crystal ball could help you!
Upon awakening, immediately gaze into your ruby crystal ball. Think forward to the day's tasks....feel your energy-level can gather courage to face your daily challenges!
Who said colors can't affect your energy?



Emerald green is the color of nurturing... the lush forests and flora of the earth burst into myriad shades of green. Green is a "grounding" color... one that helps you bring your spiritual and physical aspects into union. A physically and spiritually healing color, green can help you feel more nourished and complete as a human being!
When you feel hurried and harried, take a few moments to gaze into your deep emerald green crystal ball... feel your conflicting inner "voices" come together as one soothing message of hope!
Who said colors can't affect your feelings?



Black is the color for "protection"... The only "opaque" crystal ball.. it lets no light come or go from within it. (It is neither transparent nor translucent.) It only reflects light away from its surface. Hence, it is considered able to ward off negative energy. If you feel yourself threatened or endangered, by something or someone, you might want to consider choosing Jet Black as your crystal ball!
When you feel vulnerable or in danger, take hold of your jet black crystal ball, and know that any negativity randomly around you, or intentionally projected toward you, is being deflected away!
Who said colors can't affect your confidence?



Your crystal clear ball appears to have NO color! But actually, you are looking at ALL colors at the same time! Your clear ball reflects and refracts all light directed toward it! Therefore, your clear crystal ball may be used as an "all-purpose" tool for meditating. Your Aurora ball is actually a clear crystal ball with a glazing of pastel colors on the "northpole", so it functions similarly. As long as you focus your full mind and energy into your meditation, you can help fulfill any of the needs listed on this page!
Always be aware that your crystal ball acts exactly like a LENS, or a magnifying glass. Careful not to place it in the direct sunlight on a window-sill! It could start a fire! You may, however, fill your room with no end of candlelight - a wonderful atmosphere to concentrate on your crystal ball and direct your mind to your goals at hand!
Who said colors can't affect your inner growth?



Amethyst, or lavender, is the color of creativity. It is another "high-minded" color, which is often the favorite color of poets and artists. Amethyst appeals to your intuitive nature, allowing you to open your heart and soul to more spiritual and creative pursuits! Meditating on your amethyst crystal ball, enhances the possibility of sparking those creative ideas you feel somehow just out of reach of your everyday being. Give it a try!
Who said colors can't affect your creativity?



Topaz is the color to choose for physical healing. After all, it is the sun and its golden rays that sustain all life here on Earth! If you feel physically weakened by some affliction or just plain "run-down", meditating on your topaz crystal ball just might be the ticket to help you heal and grow!
Who said colors can't affect your ability to heal?



Aqua is the color of the ocean.. the birthing pool for all life on earth! A very nurturing color, aqua has the power to soothe the soul in times of seeming chaos around you. Another "grounding" color, like emerald green, aqua seems to bring together all the aspects of your being.. the physical, mental, spiritual, and sexual.. which so often feel like they are being tugged in separate directions!
Sit down with a soothing cup of chamomile, or mint tea, and lose yourself inside your aqua crystal ball. Feel your conflicting states blend into one harmonious self. Worth doing!
Who said colors can't affect your well-being?



Rose, a derivative of red, can affect your heart, but in a more emotional way. Rose is the color of friendship, affection, and, of course, romance! It is no coincidence that most Valentines brim over with red and pink! A rose crystal ball is the ideal gift to a friend or lover... it bespeaks your heart-felt feelings with no words at all! If you wish to show affection to someone, or just open-up your own heart to your emotions, choose the rose crystal ball!
Who said colors can't affect your love life?


Now... all this being said... my personal theory is that you should choose whatever color pleases you! Most of us have some contact with our instincts and unconscious...your own nature will most likely dictate to you which color is the most "attractive". And chances are, that is the color you "need"!! So... PICK ONE, or even better order them all!!

Your choice of 50mm crystal ball with butterfly, scroll, filigree, or shell stand... only $25.!!

Please realize that the color "batches" of these leaded-crystal balls vary from time to time. Presently the "rose" is a transparent pale rose, and the "aqua" has been coming through a vibrant deep turquoise. All other balls are very close to the colors depicted in the Gallery


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