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Dearest Collectors...
((LIMITED)) SELECTION.. Almost gone.. hurry!

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The Tudor Mint brings to you its latest masterpieces, a unique collection of high quality imaginative figurines
with a breathtaking combination of art-quality English pewter,
the finest full-lead crystals and cold-cast materials.

Designed and originally sculpted in the studio in Solihull, England, they are absolutely breathtaking!

Each stunning piece is titled, signed, copyrighted and trademarked on the bottom.

Unless otherwise posted, these top quality collectibles range between 3 and 4 BIG inches high,
and are completely three-dimensional.

The backs are as detailed and interesting as the front!
New creative and colorful details distinguish this latest collection as 'ultimate'!

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Tudor Mint's LIMITED EDITION is astounding


starry-eyed.com may be the only source left for these fabulous English pieces...
some of the most incredible rare and retired pieces!

RARE in America..

THE Special Irish Edition CELTIC BEAST

Over TEN huge inches high
and totally three-dimensional
with the most awesome BOLD details!

Absolutely THEE most exciting collectible ever!

HOW does the TUDOR MINT do it?

$ 150.

Click HERE for a CLOSER view!


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Precious fairy in her woodland home!


What a darling and elegant fairy!
A beautiful creature surrounded by beauty!

Outstanding details like the anklet, garland wreath,
jeweled necklace and gorgeous flowers
make this piece a keeper!
Not to mention an unforgettable gift!

A gorgeous Swarovski aurora crystal
illuminates the scene.
She's impressively large for this collection!

How does the Tudor Mint DO it??


Limited Edition Masterpiece Dragon and Demon


battle for the future!

A snarling, fierce demon encounters
an equally powerful dragon!
The battle ensues through the ruins of a once great cathedral.
The power of the Cross overlooks the scene.

Won't you help this dragon guardian of goodness and light?

Almost 10 inches tall, over 6 inches wide!

This LIMITED EDITION piece from the Tudor Mint
comes with its own numbered Certificate of Authenticity!

$ 185.00


Click HERE for up close and personal look!


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Magical Limited Edition Collection

Tudor Mint's LIMITED EDITION Sentinel dragon

What a FABulous work of art and magic!


... is, frankly, STUNNING.

CLICK HERE for a close-up!

A powerful dragon oversees the excavation of a Holy relic!
The top of an ancient crystal cross has been unearthed
in this newly-discovered Holy Shrine.

Mounted on a hardwood base with pewter title plaque,
this numbered piece is one of only 300 worldwide and forevermore.

THIRTEEN! impressive inches high!


STARRY-EYED is offering this valuable Limited Edition for amazingly much lower than normal price!


is just adorable.

A serene fairy quietly commands the forest
with a crystal atop her calla lily sceptre.
Her sweet dragon companion basks in her gentle power.

A beautiful Austrian crystal adorns her Celtic woodland throne.

How did the Tudor Mint do it?

Tudor Mint's woodland fairy shares her power with her dragon companion



Tudor Mint's FABulous
may be the most beautiful piece Tudor Mint
has ever created.

A simply gorgeous woodland fairy
enchants her unicorn and dragon companions
with her haunting melody.

Ruby-red Austrian crystals highlight the ornate Celtic Cross
serving as her forest throne.

HOW does the Tudor Mint do it??


Tudor Mint's magical melody enchants the forest!


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will melt your heart.
Just look at that sweet face!

Just the size of a sunflower sprout,
she will be your most precious companion...if you let her!

Go ahead... invite her in!
How can you resist?

How does the Tudor Mint do it?

ONE remaining


Tudor Mint's lovely sun fairy with crystal

Click here to see ALL the NEW Tudor Mint Fairies!

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Ultimate Tudor CELTIC BEAST will astound you!


. . .will knock your eyes out!

Over 10 inches tall, this monumental dragon
roars in victory over his foes.

His prize...a majestic jeweled Celtic Cross,
replete with jewel-tone Austrian crystals!

He hides his wound from view as his valiant green blood
flows down his side and onto his back...

He proudly rears over a polished hardwood base...
...unparalleled quality in pewter sculpture!

Commissioned as an Irish Exclusive,
this dragon could be a museum piece!

Click here for closer view!


Crystal Cove offers this magnificent piece
for 30% below regular price!

Worth EVERY farthing!


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