Saying Goodbye to Tudor Mint's Pewter and Crystal Chess Set



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A Magical Chess Set From Tudor Mint

The Tudor Mint brought to you such a rare masterpiece chess set! A collection of high-quality imaginative pewter figurines, each with a genuine Swarovski crystal ball accent!

Designed and originally sculpted in the studio in Solihull, England, this set is
absolutely breathtaking!

Each stunning set includes a 15" square
heavy-glass silver-and-black playing board.

These top quality chess pieces ranged between 2 and 3 BIG inches high,
and were completely three-dimensional.
The backs were as detailed and interesting as the front!

Tudor Mint's Gargoyle and Dragon Pewter and Crystal Chess Set!

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might be the most enchanting game board you've ever seen!

Beautifully-detailed, felt-bottomed pewter chess pieces sit atop a heavy, beveled-glass chess board.
Silvered-foil and black squares dramatically serve as the arena for all the action!

Silver and Black Foiled Heavy Chessboard

This masterpiece collector's set from the TUDOR MINT
has been discontinued...
and is no longer available,
not for the price of a thousand gold coins!

Originally sold for $600.... (really)

Finally SOLD OUT

The very LAST set took leave today, November 28, 2020

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Tudor Mint's magical Gargoyles make up the high-royalty!
In this chess set, the King and Queen are played by imposing and powerful Gargoyles created from the most medieval of imaginations!
The BISHOP Gargoyle clutches his headpiece with Celtic cross.
All of the pieces on the 'gargoyle' side stand on adorned rounded bases.


The lesser-royalty consist of the Gargoyle KNIGHT wielding a deadly battle-blade, The ROOK perching on his castle turret, and the crouching PAWNS as 'back-up'defense.
Tudor Mint's lesser royalty consist of Gargoyle Knights, Rooks, and Pawns


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Tudor Mint's array of dragons make up the Knight, Rook and Pawn!
The DRAGON side of the set stands on hexagonal bases with filigree symbols.
Each Dragon sports the icons of his role in the chess game. The PAWN is the smallest of the Dragons. The ROOK Dragon wraps his sinewy tale around his Castle, and the KNIGHT Dragon guards his shield adorned with a firey crystal. FABulous details!
The ROYALTY of the Dragon side are almost 3" high and regally pose with the symbols of their power. King Dragon's Crown and Queen's Sceptre are amazingly detailed!
The Dragon Lord, Queen, and Bishop Dragons have unique expressions and stances.
Tudor Mint's DRAGONS play the part of King, Queen, and Bishop


Hmmmm... I wonder who won?

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