I've been purveying pewter in all its fantastic forms and glorious details for nineteen years.
In fact, Priscilla Prisms was one of the very first American vendors of fantasy pewter!
And in all that time, I have never found a more valuable and impressive collection than
the "Myth & Magic" studies by The Tudor Mint.
Located in Solihull, England, several resident artists have created a magnificent,
ever-growing array of fanciful pewter & crystal collectibles.

What Makes the Tudor Collection so valuable?

Every year several new pieces are issued, while several earlier pieces are retired.
Thus, sooner or later, ALL of your Tudor Mint studies will one day soar in value,
as they will no longer be available.

Each piece comes with the Title, Copyright and Trademark, Year and Model Number
clearly imprinted on the bottom!

What Makes Tudor's pieces so unique?

Not only are the details and subject matter outstanding,
the finish given each piece is uniquely Tudor Mint's.
Each piece, after casting, and trimming, is electroplated in nickle,
then copper, followed by silver!
When hand-held to a buffing wheel, the sheen from these three metals combines
to form a lasting, museum-quality finish.
This finish is permanent, having been laquered as the last step.

One hundred years from now, your FABulous collection will enchant its viewers
with the same luster you see today!!

What SIZE are these pieces?

When you receive your first Tudor Mint figurine, you will be knocked out by its sheer size. Some pewter companies pay attention only to the front side of the piece. They are two-dimensional and very uninspiring when viewed from any other angle. But Tudor Mint takes care to expand its figures to the max of each of the three dimensions.
Since every single surface, front and back, top and yes, even underside, are embellished with staggering detail...

Your piece will appear much larger than the 3 and 1/2 to 4 inch size
of its actual height measurement.



Wizard's Alcove by The Tudor Mint

Rotating Wizard Right Wizard Side View Wizard Back View

You can be assured that every pewter piece offered by CRYSTAL COVE has the same attention to detail and flair for the dramatic!

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