California Proposition 65

now requires that all internet vendors comply by posting the warning below of the presence of lead in any products.

Until proposed federal amendments to exempt 'crystal' are legislated,
Crystal Cove is forced to post the following notice:



"Consuming foods or beverages that have been kept or served in leaded crystal products or handling products made of leaded crystal will expose you to lead -
a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects
or other reproductive harm."

- End of notice -


STRASS(R)Swarovski(R) crystal does contain lead as one of the components
which differentiates 'crystal' from mere 'glass'.
BUT... please read on...


Here is Swarovski's official statement concerning the 'danger':

"Crystal has unique properties. While made with lead, the crystal manufacturing process creates a matrix which greatly retards the mobility of lead.
In other words, lead is bound into the structure of the crystal.
Because of this structure, lead crystal poses no significant risk of excessive lead exposure to human health via surface contact (hand to mouth),
mouthing or even ingestion.
Indeed, Swarovski crystals have been tested under a variety of test methods for extractable lead.

Test conditions and procedures do vary, but lead levels are well below regulatory limits even when the crystal is tested in an acid solution to maximize the release of lead.

Most authorities considering lead in crystal have concluded that
limits on total lead should not apply to crystal."

RELATED COMMENTARY from Priscilla Prisms:

For decades the classification of crystal has been
..."the higher the lead content, the better the quality of crystal"!
It is what distinguishes 'crystal' from 'just glass'.

While I understand that the manufacturing and importing of certain goods has had adverse effects on the safety of our citizenship, especially children, recent legislative efforts to counteract this danger have overstated the scope of this alarm
to include products which have, historically, not posed any problems.
The good news for the crystal industry is that recently several governing bodies as well as a federation of jewelry manufacturers, are working on legislative proposals to specifically
exempt crystal from their list of dangerous substances.

Stand by for updates on efforts to reclaim lead-crystal as the benign and desirable substance it really is!


Personally speaking, after 30 years of handling
thousands of crystals,
sleeping near them,
driving with cases of them in my car,
wearing them on my body,
I've had no distinguishable adverse effect on my health,
nor, I feel, should you have to worry about it either!
Of course, ultimately, it is up to you to decide
if you are risking health
by hanging a simple prism in your window.

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