Crystal Pyramids

If you thought pyramids were just four-sided shapes with a base, think again!

Crystal Pyramid Package

Complete Pyramid Package


plus Gift Pyramid!

miniature crystal pyramid gift


With the purchase of the Pyramid Package above,
receive a miniature
Almost an inch across at the base,
it shimmers with vibrant, alternating peacock colors
reflecting from the bottom.
It is adorable! (and valued at $14.)



You may also order any size individual CRYSTAL PYRAMID:
- 30mm, 40mm, 50mm (2 inches), and a whopping 60mm!
They are ALL beautiful!


Conversion table:Millimeters(MM) to Inches


crystal pyramids in rainbow colors

pyramid package viewed from above

peacock crystal pyramids in a row


Then, of course, in addition to their sheer beauty,
there is the whole theory about the
- the shape itself and its ability to focus energy to anything,
or anybody, within it.

What incredible secrets had the Egyptians learned
to invest so much time and effort
in building these magnificent structures?

what powers you might find
in your own pyramid made of

Or, even better, a SET of pyramids!


Rainbow Crystal Pyramid

Striking Peacock Pyramid

This fine example of Austrian crystal literally shimmers
with deep purples, blues, reds and greens!
This pyramid is striking for its sheer perfection and bold simplicity.
Your choice of sizes from one to 3-and-one-half inches at the base!
OR take them all in the PYRAMID PACKAGE and
receive a FREE one-inch Pyramid-within-a-Pyramid!


The Fluted Pyramid

stands high over a 50mm mirrored base.
Each side of the base is 2 inches!

Fluted Crystal Pyramid


This fantasy pyramid is striking for its sheer size! not to mention
gorgeous VIVID Blue/PURPLE reflections!
This latest batch has a lot of shimmering GREEN too!
Lots of crystal for $44!!

Also available in Autumn Color
The blues/greens reverse their position with the reds/gold
and take on the palette of the Autumn trees
when looking down on the top!

Autumn colored Fluted Crystal Pyramid

Both color palettes are GORGEOUS!



Crystal Pyramid within a Crystal Pyramid

A wonder of design: the
fascinates the eye!

A perfect miniature pyramid magically appears inside
a larger multi-colored pyramid!

This beauty stands almost one inch high
and is yours for only $14!!

OR order the whole package above and receive this little beauty as a gift!

Top view of Crystal Pyramids

Top View of Pyramid-Within-a-Pyramid, and Vivid Blue Fluted Pyramid.

All pyramids come with padded felt bases!


Conversion table:Millimeters(MM) to Inches



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