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Ordering Info


STARRY-EYED.COM formerly known for 19 years as CRYSTAL COVE
still offers the ultimate in
integrity, service and friendly prices!

And remember... EVERY day is a great time to give great gifts!

Go ahead.... order! :)

heart crystalFREE gift of Swarovski crystal prism with your order!heart crystal

It's ALWAYS a great time to be generous to your friends and family!!:)
Here's my special fun offer..
With your order,
I would like to offer a free! small prism (my choice) for helping me discover
the most effective ad, link, or search engine which led you to find me.
If you would like your gift from STARRY-EYED.COM, with your order, please relate to the best of your ability,
the "path" you surfed to locate my website.
You must at least tell me the last link you clicked on which brought you to STARRY-EYED.COM,
OR indicate if a friend or business card prompted you to visit!

Make ANY day a special day!


Please do not request special or emergency shipping,
or using any carrier other than the US Postal Service.


P.O. BOX 58
TEMPLE, PA 19560

Former Member
PA Chamber of Commerce
Berks County Chamber of Commerce
WHO'S WHO in Executives and Professionals
Phenomenal Women of the Web

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Join me on FACEBOOK to receive personal notices of web specials!

See Priscilla's Prisms and Pewter in PERSON
in the scenic Pennsylvania Dutch countryside!
Roots Country Market in scenic 

Lancaster County, PA
ROOT'S Country Market
Famous GREEN DRAGON Farmers Market in Lancaster County, 



STARRY-EYED.COM gladly ships gifts to your friends and family!
When ordering, in addition to YOUR address/phone,
be sure to give your friends mailing address
and mention you'd like me to include a festive card from "you"!


This card is a reproduction of an original scissor cutting
or "Scherenschnitte", an almost lost Pennsylvania Dutch art.

Marilyn Diener cut the original from a single sheet of paper and then
mounted it on a background.
No two 'scherenschnitte' are alike!


Priscilla Prisms values your input~
Why not take a moment a fill out her mini-poll?


U.S.A. Customers (and US Military) only!
NO international shipping...

You may choose payment by VISA, MASTERCARD, or AMERICAN EXPRESS after you click on "Check Out".


Orders paid by MONEY ORDER or CASHIERS CHECK via mail, must be EMAILED! before sending payment.(see below) I am sorry but STARRY-EYED.COM will no longer ship COD (collect-on-delivery)

No matter which form of payment you prefer, please use the convenient shopping cart to choose your items!
If you are using Norton's Antivirus, or another serious protection program, AND in the unlikely event that you cannot complete your shopping transaction, you might have to disable your 'personal firewall', or just temporarily disable your program entirely to allow the shopping cart to work.

Most orders are shipped within 24 - 36 hours of receiving payment!
Orders received Friday to Sunday will be shipped Monday!

CRYSTAL COVE @ STARRY-EYED.COM has a SSL SECURED shopping-cart system! Just click on the "Add to Cart" button under each item, no matter what form of payment you will use. In many cases you will have the option of color or size choices ... please fill them out.

You also have opportunities all along the way to change or delete your order.
So don't be afraid to click on"Add to Cart"!

To use your VISA, MASTERCARD, or AMERICAN EXPRESS card, just click on "CHECK OUT" when you're ready and carefully follow the steps listed.

If you decide you want to pay by MONEY ORDER or CASHIERS CHECK by U.S. mail (no personal checks, please)... click HERE!



Purchase Amounts & Shipping

- Of course, CRYSTAL COVE @ STARRY-EYED.COM would love orders (any kind or combination of merchandise) of at least $25.00,
but will gladly ship orders amounting to less if that's really all you need.
Your postage fee will be determined on your e-receipt by an automatic interface with the U.S. Postal Service website!
STARRY-EYED does not impose any handling fees!
STARRY-EYED ships ONLY to residents of the United States or its territories, U.S. servicemen/women abroad,
and ONLY via the U.S. Postal Service.



Your shopping cart is set at PRIORITY MAIL as your default shipper.

Some larger orders of crystal and pewter can be HEAVY!
The U.S. Postal Service has just issued a new FLAT RATE Priority shipping box which holds up to TWICE the normal items than the traditional 'cube' shipping boxes!
So no matter how far away you live from Pennsylvania, or how heavy your order, as long as your items can safely fit in the new Flat Rate box, you will pay only the lower Flat-Rate!
So go ahead... order! *:-)
STARRY-EYED will credit your 'automatic' e-receipt for the difference!

Please note that the 'average' order (up to 1 lb.) only costs between $6.and $8. for postage!




Be happy!

I've been in real-world business since 1978 and govern STARRY-EYED
with the same professional and honest manner.
Once you have ordered from Priscilla Prisms you will be a believer!

Priscilla Prisms is a previous member of the Pennsylvania State Chamber of Commerce,
and the Berks County (PA) Chamber of Commerce



My website IS my catalogue!
I've worked very hard to present thorough and detailed descriptions and photographs.
MUCH more than manufacturers' catalogues normally contain.
Unlike a hardcopy catalogue, STARRY-EYED can be easily updated and enhanced
to show the very latest offerings.
Printed catalogues are also VERY expensive!
I try to keep prices friendly!
Feel free to ask any questions about any particular item(s).
But please do not request a printed catalogue.
There is no such animal!



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STARRY-EYED strives to ship your order within one business day via PRIORITY mail.
Please do not request special or emergency shipping, or using any carrier other than the US Postal Service.


STARRY-EYED is proud to offer only first quality products.
Pictures and descriptions are genuine and in no way meant to misrepresent size or quality.
All items are carefully inspected and packaged before shipping (by me!).

But in the unlikely event you must return any item(s) from STARRY-EYED,
you must inform me within 48 hours upon its arrival
of any damages, mistakes, or dissatisfaction.

You will receive a full refund of your actual purchase price, after the receipt of the returned items in the same condition they arrived.

STARRY-EYED will also pay for regular parcel post postage to return damaged-in-shipment goods,
as well as for shipping those replacement items back to you.
STARRY-EYED reserves the right to mail replacement items via regular mail or Parcel Post.

Any items received incorrectly, or in incorrect amounts from the original order (very very very rare),
of course will be replaced or returned at the expense of STARRY-EYED, including shipping costs.

However, shipping costs both to and from your home or business
for any reason other than damage or mistakes, are not reimbursed or refundable.

That money belongs to the Post Office :-))


IF you are from CALIFORNIA, please click HERE




Once STARRY-EYED turns over your package(s) to the United States Post Office, it is helpless to affect delivery.

It is your responsibility as customer, to provide ACCURATE mailing address information,
AND to be alert for either your package,
or a notice from the Post Office that delivery was attempted, within 2 - 4 business days.

You know your mail delivery personnel and times best,
so you might want to alert either a neighbor or your mailperson
to any special instructions on where to place your package
if you are not home during the day.

STARRY-EYED provides DELIVERY CONFIRMATION service on every package,
and is willing to track your package if you haven't received it in a timely manner.
Email me after 5 business days if you haven't received your order!

If for some reason you do NOT receive your package, and the delivery confirmation tracking service
on the U.S. Postal website declares it to have been delivered,
the responsibility falls on the customer to contact his/her local Post Office.

(see below for options for INSURANCE coverage)




Crystal Cove does not automatically insure your package, in order to keep mailing costs at a minimum.
If you desire insurance, you must STATE SO, in the 'comments' box on your order form,
and be willing to accept the extra cost on your credit card total.
(usually around $2 - $3 depending on your order).

Then, in the event (very very very rare) of a lost package, the customer has recourse
with his/her local Post Office, to recover damages.

In other words, STARRY-EYED's responsiblity for the delivery of your package ends
once it has been officially mailed.

See Delivery Policy directly above.





STARRY-EYED has no intention, implicit or otherwise, to use your name, email or mailing address,
phone number, nor any sensitive credit information for any reason other than processing your order.
Your information is accessible only to Priscilla Prisms, through the use of TWO passwords.

You may trust your information will not be sold, nor used for purposes of advertising or soliciting.

Only occasionally, STARRY-EYED may offer a special discount or announce a new product
and may hand pick certain customers to directly inform of said offer.

Believe me, I don't want to share my customers with anybody!




Email me with any questions you may have!

Please, no wholesale or catalogue inquiries!

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